The Lethbridge Community Foundation is publicly accountable and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is appointed by a Committee of Appointers made up of the City of Lethbridge Mayor, Senior Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench resident in Lethbridge, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce President, Lethbridge and District Trade and Labour Council President, and the County of Lethbridge Reeve. Board members serve a maximum of two, three-year terms.

The Board consists of 12 dedicated Southern Alberta citizens who generously donate their time and expertise. The Board, along with staff and volunteers, round out the Foundation’s team of dedicated citizens. Meet the 2003/2004 Board of Directors with Ken Lewis as Chair, and Alastair MacLean as Vice-Chair:

Current appointments are:

  • KEN LEWIS, Chair, Lethbridge – Appointed in 1998
  • ALASTAIR MACLEAN, Vice-Chair, Pincher Creek – Appointed in 2002
  • LOIS GILCHRIST, Secretary-Treasurer, Milk River – Appointed in 1999
  • TOM ACKERMAN, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 1998
  • DOUG MACLEOD, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2000
  • ANNE RASLASK, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2000
  • INGRID SPEAKER, Director, Enchant -Appointed in 1998
  • DOUG MYHRE, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2002
  • ERIC HILLMAN, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2002
  • JUDY O’SHEA, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2002
  • UNA RIDLEY, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2003
  • SANDY MCKAY, Director, Lethbridge – Appointed in 2003

Standing Committees

Development Committee: Ingrid Speaker, Chair,Doug Myhre, Judy O’Shea, Mac MacLean, Bruce Milliken, Les Tabot, Adrian Oseen.

Distribution Committee: Lois Gilchrist, Chair, Alastair MacLean, Eric Hillman, Una Ridley, Wayne Krywolt, Barb Cavers, Bruce McKillop.

Investment Committee: Tom Ackerman, Chair, Doug MacLeod, Phil North, David Hughes.

Publicity: Anne Raslask, Chair, Judy O’Shea, Katherine Wasiak, Jone Lindsay, Sandy McKay the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!