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Part I: Information

About the Foundation:

The business of the Foundation is to acquire and grow endowment funds so that the income earned will provide grants every year to meet a broad range of community needs in southwestern Alberta.

Grants may be made to organizations with activities and programs in only these fields: culture, recreation, environment, social need, health, history and education.

The Foundation's territory stretches north from the USA border to Nanton and west from Grassy Lake to the BC border.
The Foundation seeks not merely to react to current problems, but to strengthen the capacity of southwestern Alberta communities to ensure their own well being now and in the future.


Because the number and size of grant requests substantially exceed the funds available to the Foundation, applicants are urged to provide the requested information as clearly and thoroughly as possible. Incomplete information tends to give a lower ranking to an application, and Foundation members will not always have time to seek clarification from the contact person.

If the applicant has questions on the information to be provided, please call the Foundation Office so that we can assist in making your application as complete as possible.

General Criteria for Grant Eligibility:

In general, grants are restricted to organizations and projects which benefit the residents of Lethbridge and other Southwestern Alberta communities.

Grants are approved for needs not normally met by other funding sources. Grants are approved for one-time capital costs such as equipment purchase, facility construction and renovation projects or one-time operating costs such as a pilot project, awareness program, or the phase of a program which will be funded in the future from other sources.

It is intended that grants benefit the greatest community need i.e. most benefit to most people affected by the project.
Please note that, with the possible exception of projects less than $2000, the Foundation does not usually provide 100% funding. We look for an investment by your own organization, contributions from the community and support from other funding sources. For major projects, we wish to see the work underway, so that a Foundation grant can provide further leverage for your organization.

Grant application dates are normally June 1 and December 1 each year. Applications which reach the Foundation office after these dates will not be considered and will be returned. An organization may not receive grants in two consecutive years. Only "qualified donees" as defined by the Income Tax Act (Canada) are eligible for Foundation grants (Neil to expand as necessary)

Supporting Information Required:

If the requested grant provides the total project revenue, or provides for part of a larger project, please provide a summary budget showing the estimated amounts and types of expenditures, and project sources of revenue. Two sample budgets are shown below.
Other sources of revenue secured or being sought.

If the requested grant covers more than one type of expenditure, provide the estimated cost and priority ranking for each type.
Describe briefly the expected benefit of the project to your organization and community, and estimate the numbers of people who will benefit from the project. If there are operating costs related to the grant expenditure, please advise on how these ongoing costs will be met.

Grant Recipient's Obligations:
Should your request for funds be approved, you will be required to sign a letter of commitment wherein you will undertake the following:

Sample Budgets:

Project: Community Library Enhancement

Requested Foundation grant
Donated computer monitor
$ 2650
Computer Upgrade
Two book trucks

Project: Playground Upgrade

Donated shale and sand
Donated lumber
Community fundraiser, projects and donations
Requested Foundation grant
$ 6330
Site preparation labor and material
"Safe Play" enclosure labor and material
Equipment and shrubs
Irrigation pipe


Part II: To be submitted to the Foundation

Note: We are providing two options for submitting your application form:

1. You can download Part I & II in a pdf format. Complete the document and then mail it with the supporting documents to the Lethbridge Community Foundation, #407, 740 - 4 Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0N9.

2. You can complete the form below and click on the Submit button which will send the form to the Lethbridge Community Foundation by email. You must then mail your supporting documents to the Foundation.

Application For Funding (Email version)

Date submitted:

Name of Organization or Individual:

Address (Street, City, Province, Postal code):

Registered Charity#:

Contact Person:
Work Phone and Area Code:
Home Phone and Area Code:

Email Address: *this is a required field

Amount of Request:

Anticipated date for completion of grant expenditure:

Summary description of project or portion of the project for which funds will be used:

If you are submitting this by e-mail, you must also send your supporting documents. You can email the reports to us as an attachment or print this form and mail it with your financial statements to:
Lethbridge Community Foundation
#407, 740 - 4 Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 0N9

Thank you.



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